Tom Brady: The Greatest

. Wednesday, December 12, 2007
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People who say it may be too early in his career to put Tom Brady in the category with the greatest quarterbacks to play the game are either blind or they need to have their heads examined.

Let's begin the discussion with the performance that he's having this year, shall we?

As I was listening to Greg Gumble and Phil Simms give their pre-game analysis between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, I felt a sense that the game was going to be a playoff type game with both teams playing strong defense against one another, and there wouldn't be as many scoring opportunities for New England's high-powered offense.

Of course, New England came into the game with something to prove after Pittsburgh safety Anthony Smith opened his big mouth and guaranteed a win on New England's field.

Are you stupid, Anthony Smith? Never call Tom Brady or his team out if you're an opponent.

Of course, Tom Brady isn't as agile as Micheal Vick and he's kinder to animals. Therefore, he's not retarded like Vick is. The 45 touchdown passes to five interceptions proves the theory that he makes intelligent decisions.

People may say that Brady has Randy Moss this year, but look at the influence that he's had on the troubled wide receiver. Moss hasn't been the headcase player who's always bitching for the ball as in past seasons. In fact, he has proven to be the ultimate team leader and future Hall of Fame player that people expected him to be.

People may say that Payton Manning is better than Tom Brady, but don't let me state the obvious:
Payton Manning = 1 Superbowl ring
Tom Brady = 3 Superbowl rings

In addition, Manning has had some pretty good running backs (Edgerrin James, Joseph Addai) behind him while the best running back Brady has had was an aging Cory Dillion who played half the time that he was in a New England Patriot uniform.

Of course, people may have their own opinions about who the grestest quarterback of this era is, but numbers and performance don't lie. When it really matters the most, Brady will do whatever it takes to get his team the win as exhibited by his 12-2 record as a starting quarterback in the playoffs.

There shouldn't even be a discussion about who the greatest quarterback playing in the game today is. Maybe Tony Romo will be someday, but for now, it's Brady's world as he chases after that fourth Superbowl ring, which will tie him for the most by a quarterback with another TB.